Butterfly Pea Flower Powder | 100% Organic, Authentic Thai Origin, Premium Culinary Grade | Caffeine-free Natural Energy & Focus Booster Anti-oxidant for Beverages, Smoothies, Baked Goods - REFILL

  • Caffeine-free, sugar-free. No chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Antioxidant-rich and all-natural ingredient and food colorant that dissolves completely in both hot and cold mixtures.
  • Reduce inflammation, alleviate stress, enhance cognitive function, & promote vitality and healthy aging.
  • Mild and pleasant earthiness similar to fine green tea to neutral taste, making it an ideal ingredient that doesn’t change the flavor of your favorite recipes - blue rice, purple sorbets, pink cocktails, and more.
  • Produced in small batches, as flowers are hand-harvested at full bloom. Packed in a resealable pouch. No refrigeration required.
  • Authentic native Thai butterfly pea flowers (clitoria ternatea) from small family farms. Organic certified by Thailand’s Department of Agriculture.

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No. 1

Mrs Wages Quick Process Sweet Pickle Mix

  • Ingredients: Citris Acid
  • Salt
  • Maltodextrin
  • Spice Ectracts
  • Add only vinegar, sugar, and water
No. 2

5 GUM Watermelon Prism Sugar Free Chewing Gum, 15 pieces (10 pack)

  • Sweet and juicy, mouthwatering Watermelon Prism is not just a summertime flavor.
  • Each day is full of ways to turn your world upside down: start with a stick of 5.
  • It’s not when you take the stage, it’s the five seconds before. So grab a stick of 5 gum and harness that adrenaline.
  • Don't get caught without the sugar-free chewing gum you crave.
  • Package includes 10 individual packs.
No. 3

King David Vegan Lactose-Free Non-dairy Kosher White Chocolate Flavored Chips 8.8-ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

  • Non dairy Lactose Free Chocolate chip
  • This product is certified Kosher under the strict supervision Approved by the Central Rabbinical Congress
  • King David Small vegan White Chocolate Chips
  • 250 Grams Each Bag
No. 4

Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers - Family Size, 25.6 oz. - 2 pack

    No. 5

    Melitta Classic Blend Coffee, Medium Roast, Extra Fine Grind, 22 Ounce Can

    • Great Coffee Flavor: Enjoy our signature blend; This medium roast coffee has a velvety smooth flavor; Always rich, never bitter
    • Premium Quality Coffee: We select only premium coffees from the finest coffee producing regions in the world; These high quality coffee beans are then roasted and ground extra fine to release the full elegance of the coffee; Kosher certified
    • Number One Coffee Filter Brand in the World: Our cone, basket and single serve filters are all designed to brew rich, flavorful coffee; They are all compostable and made of high quality paper that won't tear for mess-free brewing
    • A Tradition of Excellence: There are over 100 years of experience and innovation in each and every cup of Melitta coffee; Melitta's North American roastery produces a wide range of coffee products from whole bean, ground, flavored and more
    • Join the Pursuit for Better Coffee: Melitta is dedicated to providing the Ultimate Coffee Experience with our premium coffee filters, coffee pods, pour-over brewers, coffee makers and premium coffees
    No. 6

    GODIVA Chocolatier Assorted Ground Coffee Gift Bag Caramel, 10 Ounce

    • EXQUISITE ASSORTED COFFEE GIFT PACK: 10-ounce of delicious medium roast ground coffee with rich taste in a fancy bag
    • IRRESISTIBLY SMOOTH COFFEE: Features caramel ground coffee beans for exceptional quality and taste
    • TREATS FOR CHOCOHOLICS: A sophisticated coffee gift bag for special moments, birthdays, a treat for coffee lovers or to be shared at home with family and friends
    • COMPACT AND FANCY GIFT BAG: These Godiva coffee beans are sealed in special bag so you can drink your decadent coffee and enjoy anytime, anywhere
    • INNOVATIVE PACKAGING: The temperature is monitored during shipment to ensure that your gourmet coffee gift bag arrives in perfect condition
    No. 7

    Maine Coast, Dulse Garlic Organic, 1.5 Ounce

    • 1.5 Ounces Granule
    • Serving Size:
    No. 8

    Bonne Maman Raspberry Mix Preserve 70% Mini Jars - 1 oz x 15 pcs Kosher

    • Premium french Raspberry jam from the best ingredients
    • Each jar is filled with pieces of Raspberry making every bite a delicious treat
    • Ingredients: fruits (raspberries, red currants), sugar, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, fruit pectin (gelling agent)
    • The sweet richness of cooked Raspberries creates a perfect texture and brilliant flavor
    No. 9

    Lofoten Seaweed Simply Seaweed Blend - 40 grams of Pure Norwegian Kelp

    • SALT FREE SEASONING: Our ocean superfood sprinkle is a delicate blend of our favorite seaweeds; dulse and Wakame, packed in a blue eco-friendly box. Seaweed is rich in potassium and minerals that create the salty taste and guarantee flavor without excessive sodium. Change to healthier habits by replacing your regular salt. Add to smoothie, porridge, eggs or make a dryrub or dressing. Sprinkle on vegetables and meats to bring out the natural flavors. Also work well in baking and desserts.
    • NORWEGIAN ORGANIC CERTEFIED: We sustainably hand harvest wild grown seaweed in one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The clean, nutritious and fast flowing water gives perfect conditions for premium seaweed to grow. We are certified organic and are monitoring every step of the harvest and production process to ensure minimal impact on the ecosystem, allowing a healthy regrowth and securing traceability of our products. We use only the best quality seaweed for our products.
    • 100% NATURAL NUTRITION AND FLAVORS: Seaweed is the most nutritious plant on the planet. The oceans superfood. It`s rich in iodine, vitamins and minerals giving you a healthy boost for every meal. A little goes a long way. Gently dried seaweed is the perfect seasoning due to its high content of natural glutamate or Umami. Umami is the 5th taste and heightens the flavor profile of any meal. It’s the taste that makes you want just a little bit more. The perfect seaweed snack.
    • VEGAN, GMO & GLUTEN-FREE: Our sea kelp are suitable for vegans, kosher, keto and naturally gluten- & GMO-free. Give your raw, paleo or plant-based diet a flavour and nutritional boost by adding more seaweed to your plate. Seaweed is high in vitamins, minerals, and many other health-boosting nutrients, including gut-healthy polysaccharides, brain-enhancing omega3s, muscle-building amino acids, and skin-brightening antioxidants.
    • THE PERFECT GIFT: Our blue boxes are inspired by the ocean and Arctic lights surrounding the Lofoten Islands in Norway. In the winter the sky is painted a light pink colour during the day and at night the green northern light is dancing across the dark sky creating the most wonderful combination of colours. This is the perfect gift for a colleague, partner or loved ones. Future of food lies in the ocean – give a gift that’s good for you, the ocean and our planet!
    No. 10

    Buffalo Wild Wings Barbecue Sauces, Spices, Seasonings and Rubs For: Meat, Ribs, Rib, Chicken, Pork, Steak, Wings, Turkey, Barbecue, Smoker, Crock-Pot, Oven (Asian Zing, (2) Pack)

    • BUFFALO WILD WINGS – Treat yourself to the great flavors that are known around the world from the famous franchise.
    • COOKING INDOORS OR OUT – Make amazingly tender and flavorful meals using the BBQ, Grill, Oven or Crock-Pot.
    • GRILLING AND SMOKING – All flavors can be used as a Sauce, Seasoning, Meat Rub, Marinade, Rib Rub before, during and after cooking
    • CONVENIENT SIZE - Sauces come in 12 Oz Pour-top Bottles, Each Dry Seasoning is in a 4-6 oz. Shaker Jar allowing just the right amount of seasonings at around just 5cal per serving.
    No. 11

    Eat Different Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies – Low Carb Healthy Snack Food | Paleo Friendly High Protein Cookie – Zero Carb No Sugar Added Gluten & Grain Free Smart Snacks for Kids & Adults Keto Dessert

    • DELICIOUS SUPERFOOD BASED SMART COOKIES - The world’s first brain boosting snack food just so happens to be universally praised by kids & parents alike as absolutely delicious! Better for your mind & body, SMART Cookies are keto friendly, low carb, no sugar added, gluten, dairy and grain free, while remaining 100% guilt free
    • NOURISH YOUR MIND + SAVOR THE FLAVOR – Clean, better-for-you, great tasting ingredients are further enhanced with the addition of an all-natural adaptogen called Lion’s Mane Mushroom. This potent ingredient has been show to improve brain function while supporting mental health & overall well-being
    • NO REFINED SUGARS, KETOGENIC FRIENDLY & LOW CARB APPROVED – After decades of seeing countless families compromise their health in the name of addicting sugar filled grocery items, we decided there had to be a better way! SMART Cookies represent a meaningful step in a happier healthier future
    • GLUTEN & GRAIN FREE – No added preservatives, no dairy and absolutely no fillers, our keto cookies are paleo friendly and the perfect choice when you need a sweet treat without any of the junk
    • EAT DIFFERENT RISK-FREE GUARANTEE – All of our desserts are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Like thousands of others, we are confident you’ll love them but if you’re for any reason dissatisfied, please reach out for a full refund
    No. 12

    Celestial Seasonings Fast Lane Black Tea, 20 Count (Pack of 6)

    • Gluten free
    • Contains caffeine
    No. 13

    Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce 32 Oz (2 Pack)

      No. 14

      Pam Grilling Spray, Vegetable, 5 fl oz

      • One 5 oz can of PAM Grilling Spray
      • Cooking spray makes cleaning your grill after a cookout easy
      • Specially formulated grill spray for no-stick performance at high temperatures
      • Keeps meat and veggies from sticking to your grill and helps make your grilled food turn out better
      • Non stick cooking spray made with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
      • Spray can upright about 6 inches from cold grill
      No. 15

      Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack, OREO Mini, CHIPS AHOY! Mini, Teddy Grahams Honey & Barnum's Animal Crackers, Halloween Treats, 30 - 1 oz Packs - SET OF 7

        No. 16

        Bragg Sprinkle Herbs and Spices Seasoning, 1.5oz, 3 Pack

        • Paul C. Bragg's original 1930 seasoning mix of 24 herbs and spices.
        • Salt free, certified Organic Sprinkle
        • Shake it on your favorite foods for a delicious burst of flavor.
        • “BETTER LIFE” BENEFITS: Our nutritional seasoning offers “Better Life” benefits. It is packed vitamins that support metabolism and improve overall skin, hair, and nail health. It also provides nutritional compounds known to boost your immunity.
        • THE BRAGG DIFFERENCE: A diet rich in organic fruits and veggies is essential to vibrant health. Our ingredients always come from the land, not a lab. It’s our vital difference.
        No. 17

        Jolly Rancher Chew-Filled Pops Lollipops 40 Lollies in a Box (Assorted)

        • Jolly Rancher Chew-Filled Pops Lollipops 40 Lollies in a Box
        • Flavors: Cherry, Watermelon, Grape, Green Apple.
        • Professionally packed by Secret Candy Shop and shipped double boxed to ensure safe arrival at your door.
        • Comes in Secret Candy Shop Gift Box.
        • Exclusive Secret Candy Shop Magnet included with each purchase.
        No. 18

        Butterfinger Pieces, Bulk Candy Toppings, Perfect for Easter Treats and Baking, 3 Pound Bag

        • BUTTERFINGER PIECES: Contains 3 lb bulk bag of Butterfinger pieces
        • CRISPETY & CRUNCHETY: One-of-a-kind crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery texture & taste people love.
        • UNIQUE FLAVOR: Chopped toppings made from melt-in-the-mouth Butterfinger candy bars that have a flaky peanut-buttery center covered in rich chocolate-y coating.
        • PERFECT FOR BAKING: Sprinkle on top of ice cream, mix in shakes or use as baking ingredient for your Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year treats
        • INGREDIENTS: Kosher and gluten free. No artificial colors or flavors.
        No. 19

        Café Bustelo Espresso Dark Roast Ground Coffee Brick, 10 Ounces

        • Contains 1- 10 ounce vacuum-packed coffee brick with classic Café Bustelo dark roast coffee taste
        • Made from 100% pure, high-quality coffee beans roasted to perfection
        • Dark roast coffee with a robust, full-bodied flavor and captivating aroma
        • Ready to brew your way, in electric machines and manual coffee makers, ideal for drip coffee, espressos, cappuccinos, and more coffee drinks
        • Bold sabor latino that stands out, with or without cream or sugar
        No. 20

        The Tao of Tea, Black Mango Black Tea, Loose Leaf, 4 Ounce Tin

        • 4-ounce tin
        • Scented black tea blend