Asahi America Low Torque AV Gasket, EPDM, Full Face, 2" Pipe Size, 2.1" ID, 5.9" OD

  • Perfect sealing at low bolt tightening torque ratings, longer gasket life
  • Ideal for plastic piping systems, as well as metal or plastic-lined metal systems
  • Working temperature 40 – 195° F
  • Approx. a 1/3 bolt tightening torque rating as compared with flat or envelope type gasket
  • EPDM - durometer A, hardness 65 - 72

Related Of Asahi America Low Torque AV Gasket, EPDM, Full Face, 2" Pipe Size, 2.1" ID, 5.9" OD

No. 1


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Delphi brings 80 + years of OE Heritage into each Delphi assembly, ensuring quality and fitment for each Delphi part
  • Always be sure to check and clean fuel tank to avoid unnecessary returns
  • Metal tubes in Delphi hangers are routed so as to not contact the tank or vehicle underbody at any point eliminating noise and vibration during vehicle operation
  • Rigorous OE-testing ensures the pump can withstand extreme temperatures
No. 2

Seeed Studio DSO Nano v3 Pocket-Size Handheld 32Bit Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Based on ARM -M3 with 320240 Color Display, SD Card, USB Port. (DSO-A)

  • 【Portable and Lightweight】 The DSO Nano V3 is a pocket-size handheld 32bit digital storage oscilloscope. It’s compact and simple to operate; meets the basic demands of the school lab, electric furniture repairment, and electric engineering.
  • 【Updated Version】 This is an updated and cool version of DSO Nano which features a firmware and an embedded 2 Mbyte storage chip instead of a micro SD card slot.
  • 【Clear Display】 Based on ARM -M3, it’s equipped with 320*240 color display, SD card, USB port, and recharging function.
  • 【User Friendly】 DSO Nano v3 used a new firmware with a user-friendly and easier-to-operate interface. And it also has upgraded firmware via virtual disk, with added build-in 2Mbyte storage chip instead of micro SD card slot.
  • 【Other Features】 Waveform storage and playback, 6 triggering modes, 200Khz Analog Bandwidth, Complete measurement markers and signal characteristics, Built-in Signal Generator.
No. 3

TIKSCIENCE Relay Tester Automotive Kit, 12V Auto Battery Testers Car Diagnostic Battery Checker Tool with Led Lights, Quick Diagnostic Test and Measurement Tools, Code Readers Scan Tools

  • Quick Diagnosis: CNBJ-707 auto relay test equipment can quickly diagnose problems with relays. It is suitable for common automotive relays on the market, saving time and money. Using this equipment makes vehicle diagnosis easier and faster.
  • Warm Tips: After testing the relay, do not remove the relay while the tester is still connected to the battery. Follow the good instructions I should read to disconnect the battery and remove the relay.
  • Suitable for 12 V Battery: 1. The car battery must be a 12V battery, and the battery voltage must be between 11V-15V. 2. The resistance of the applicable coil is preferably above 20 ohms.
  • Easy to Carry: This 12V electronic automotive relay checker is convenient and fast, small in size, compact in structure and easy to debug. It can be directly tested when in use, and it can be placed in the toolbox when not in use, and will not take up space.
  • Simple Operation: Clamp the power and ground power on the coil side, and then check the resistance on the switch side, you can choose 4-pin or 5-pin on the device, insert the relay into the appropriate slot on the board, and then just detects press the button. If it a failure even 1/10 times, you will receive a red light, indicating that the relay is broken. If it is valid every time it is started, you will get a green light indicating that the relay is good.
No. 4

MHDMAG Double Sided Fishing Magnet, Super Powerful Magnet Fishing with 860lbs Combined Strength Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet for Retrieving and Salvage Underwater (2.63in Dia)

  • 【Fishing Magnet】Fishing magnet is 2.63in diameter, It is made of neodymium rare earth magnet with unique design and it has double sided magnetic strength, two sided strong magnetism make the magnet to absorb more items.nickle layer, copper layer, nickle layer could protect the magnet and anti-rust
  • 【Strong Magnet】The fishing magnet could reach max pulling force: 860lbs strength combined, 430lbs strength each side on ideal conditions. But please note the magnet strength is affected by the metal thickness and smooth of the attached items or high-temperature environment or acid-base environment.
  • 【Multi Using】Double sided fishing magnet could used to treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, magnet fishing in river or lake, seeking for something old and mysterious, find some missing metal parts such as screws, steel fittings and so on. Fishing magnet supply you not only a hobby but also a smile of life.
  • 【Pre-Notice】Before Magnet Fishing , Please check the eye bolt of the magnet tighten or not, in case the magnet is detached from the eye bolt. Also please check the carabiner(If your rope with carabiner) of the rope tighten or not, in case the carabiner and magnet loose and fall off in water.
  • 【Quality Service】We specialize in many kinds of magnet products, several years experience of magnet industry make us just want to supply the best products to you. If any questions with our products, contact us freely and kindly. We value your response, and supply the best service all the time.
No. 5

Gloxco Aluminum Type DD Cam and Groove Spool Coupler, 2" Female Camlock x 2" Female Camlock (CAM-20-DD-AL)

  • Type DD Camlock Double Female Cam and Groove Spool Coupler
  • 2" Female Camlock x 2" Female Camlock
  • Aluminum Body: Corrosion and abrasion Resistant, Light Weight
  • 250 PSI Max Pressure
  • Quick Disconnect
No. 6

Falken Design Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet, Clear, 20" x 30" x 1/12"

  • Weatherproof and UV Resistance
  • Saw cut
  • Stronger and lighter than glass, excellent resistance to long-term exposure of outdoor elements
  • Can easily be sawed, routed, drilled, formed, bent and cemented
  • Our acrylic sheets arrive with Film Mask for Protection from scratches
No. 7

100pcs Nylon Hex Standoff Spacer Replacement M2 Female to Male 15mm+6mm

  • Made of quality ROHS environmentally friendly materials.
  • Usually used for fixing between PC board and machine enclosure, hexagonal type does not slide.
  • Material:Nylon 66;Color:Materia prima white;
  • Flame Class:94V-2;
  • Package Content:100pcs(2%+/-)
No. 8

ODOR NUKE Human Urine Odor Neutralizer Tablets To Kill Urine Smell In Camping Toilets, Portable Urinals for Men, Bedside Commodes, Bed Pans, Travel Trucker Urinals, Urinals For Toddlers (14.1oz)

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFE Non-toxic and biodegradable. Safe to use around pets and children. Safe (and beneficial) for septic system bacteria. EPA-approved ingredients.
  • FAST & POWERFUL Targeted time-release formula quickly eliminates odor from fresh human urine and continues over 6-12 hours. A single bottle of ODOR NUKE concentrated tablets will deodorize up to 12.5 gallons of liquid human waste!
  • EASY TO USE No measuring or storage of bulky, caustic liquid cleaners. No wasted space in your urine collection device. Simply drop a tablet in your portable toilet, urinal, commode or travel potty before or after use. 1 tablet will neutralize up to 16floz of fresh human urine.
  • MANY USES Also deep cleans soakable plastic urinary containers, hard surfaces and launderable fabrics that have become impregnated with gross urine smell.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Whether you are a camper, senior, trucker, parent in potty-training, pilot or traveler, if your odor issues aren't gone, neither is your money. If you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund.
No. 9

ePartSolution_ Replacement Part for Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Connector Menu Key Button for iPad Mini 5 A2133 A2124 A2125 A2126 USA (Black)

  • Brand New Replacement Part USA Seller
  • Replacement Part for iPad Mini 5 A2133 A2124 A2125 A2126 Home Button Module Flex Cable
  • Replacement Part for iPad Mini 5 A2133 A2124 A2125 A2126 Home Button + Module Flex Cable
  • This posting is created by JM International Inc.
  • Shipping From Chicago
No. 10

CURAD A and D Ointment, 5 g Foil Pack (Pack of 144)

  • Clear, premium ointment with petrolatum helps soothe, protect and moisturize the skin
  • Active: white petrolatum 93.5%
  • Inactive: corn oil, light mineral oil, vitamin A, palmitate, and vitamin D
  • Country of origin: United States
No. 11

Stellate Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor Detector Sensor - HCHO / Formaldehyde, TVOC Organic Particulate Matter PM2.5, AQI Air Quality Index Pollution, Temperature & Humidity Portable for Home Office

  • 💧MULTIFUNCTIONAL AIR QUALITY MONITOR: This 9 in 1 device not only detects levels of Formaldehyde (HCHO), but also Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), particulate matter PM2.5 in the air, temperature , and humidity levels
  • 💧ADVANCED SENSORS: Air Quality Meter not only self-calibrates, it uses air sensors & a built-in fan for constant air flow to the detector for accurate, real time measurements. Air Quality Tester can show if levels in your home are safe with historical data
  • 💧BREATHE EASY: TVOCs come from paint, smoke, glues & more. PMs include haze and household dust. Keeping an eye on the monitor will alert you if the air quality in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or any other part of your house reaches harmful levels.
  • 💧PORTABLE INDOOR MONITOR: Many products today contain formaldehyde, including carpets, vinyl, furniture and various wood products. Anything above .94 can cause eye irritation and extreme exposure can put you in the hospital. Now stay safe & aware, anywhere.
  • 💧PROFESSIONAL AIR QUALITY INDEX: We take 23,040 breaths a day and expect each one to be safe. We make it easy with a user manual for ease of understanding, and complete customer support. Take control of your family's health - monitor your air today.
No. 12

Notice This is A Smoke Free Facility Sign by My Sign Center - Rust Free, UV Coated and Weatherproof .040 Aluminum - Rounded Corners and Pre-Drilled Holes - 7" x 10" - A81-123AL

  • MADE IN THE USA: We believe in American-made products, which is why our signs are made in the USA.
  • DURABLE: Our signs are designed for up to 7 years outdoor use.
  • PRE-DRILLED MOUNTING HOLES: Every sign has pre-drilled holes for easy installation and can be mounted on any surface
  • MATERIAL: Our Aluminum signs are made with .040 Heavy Duty Rust Free Aluminum.
  • EXTRA PROTECTION: Every aluminum sign has a clear UV liquid overlaminate to give our signs extra protection with a glossy look.
No. 13

BUD Industries NBX-32914 Steel Internal Panel, 6-7/8" Length x 6-7/8" Width x 3/64" Thick, Natural, for NBF Series Boxes

  • Designed to fit NBF series enclosures
  • Fits enclosure: NBF-32014, NBF-32114, NBF-32214, NBF-32314, NBF-32414
  • 16 GA galvanized steel construction
  • Assembles to mounting bosses inside the enclosure
  • Measures 6-7/8" length by 6-7/8" width by 3/64" thick
No. 14

Drilax 6 inch Diamond Hole Saw Drill Bit Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Tiles, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Plaster Ceiling Walls Coated Core Holesaw DIY True 6 Inches

  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE Diamond Coated Hole Saw Tool True 6 inches Diameter
  • STANDARD 3/8 inch Shank Use with and standard electric or cordless drill.
  • PROFESSIONAL Quality Tool for Drilling True 6 Inch Holes in Plaster Ceilings Walls, Tiles, Glass, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Ceramic, Porcelain
  • TRUE 6 Inch - Hard to Find Diamond Tool for DIY Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Ceiling Light Installation Projects
  • Use water for quartz, tile, marble type of material to prolong the tool life, these tools do not need a center pilot drill. DRILAX Quality - We are here to help.
  • Does not have a center pilot drill. You can make a guide out of a piece of 10 x 10 plywood.
No. 15

Togarhow 7L Electric Milking Machine, Portable Stainless Steel Single Bucket Piston Vacuum Pump Milking Machine Household Goat Milking Supplies (Sheep Use) (Only for Sheep)

  • 【7L Electric Sheep Use Milking Machine】It is of big suction capacity 7L and high efficiency;24W.Perfect Sheep milking supplies for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk from cows in dairy farm.
  • 【Unique Design】And One-Button Start,Stop when the milk bucket is full. Free Your Hands! Save you more time and efforts.
  • 【Advantage and Benefits】Milking soft, do not hurt the teat of cows, help to improve the milking health conditions. Milk is squeezed out under comfortable condition.
  • 【Premium Material】Made of premium stainless steel,tough-and-durable,non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly; High-degree of sealing; Keep the milk fresh for a long time; Anti-rust and easy to clean.Thick food-grade silicone hose; Durable and flexible across a wide temperature range -65°to 350°F.
  • 【Suitable Application】Suitable for home use, easy to carry and easy to clean. Perfect milking supplies for milking, storing and transporting fresh milk from sheep in dairy farm.
No. 16

D&D PowerDrive 1760-8M-30 Woods Manufacturing Replacement Belt, 1 Number of Band, Rubber

  • Product Type :Belts
  • Package Dimensions :12.0 " L X12.0 " W X1.0 " H
  • Country Of Origin :China
  • Package Weight :0.63lbs
No. 17

Fill-Rite FR711VA 115V 20GPM Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, & Mechanical Gallon Meter & 1200KTF7018TUT FILL-RITE, 1200KTF7018, PARTICULATE Filter KIT F/1210, 3/4"-18 GPM-10 Micron

  • Product 1: Manufacturer: Fill-Rite
  • Product 1: Country of manufacture: United States
  • Product 1: Mechanical Components
  • Product 2: Material Type: Cast Iron
  • Product 2: Model Number: 1200KTF7018
  • Product 2: Item Package Dimension: 4.0" L x 4.0" W x 11.0" H
  • Product 2: Item Package Weight: 4.8 lb
No. 18

175203 3" Appliance Adapter Pellet Vent

  • Product Type: Mechanical Components
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Country Of Origin: United States
No. 19

Legris 3103 56 14 Nylon & Nickel-Plated Brass Push-to-Connect Fitting, Run Tee, 1/4" Tube OD x 1/4" NPT Male

  • Run tee for connecting two tubes at a 90-degree angle to a male threaded connection
  • Male NPT threaded connection on one end of the main run and push-to-connect connections on the other end of the main run and the branch
  • Nylon body and nickel-plated brass sub-base
  • Handles pressures up to 290 psi (20 bar), operating temperature range of-20 to +80 degrees C (-4 to +176 degrees F), and a vacuum capability of 755 mm Hg
  • Meets RoHS and ISO 14743 technical specifications
No. 20

Witch Parking Only All Others Will Be Toad Funny No Parking Sign, 10” x 14” Industrial Grade Aluminum, Easy Mounting, Rust-Free/Fade Resistance, Indoor/Outdoor, USA Made by MY SIGN CENTER

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: We use only high quality durable rust-free aluminum for all our signs. Made in USA
  • NO FADING: Will withstand the elements, no matter sun, rain or extreme weather these signs will last
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Pre-Drilled Holes in all four corners ready to install, No extra preparations
  • PERFECT SIZE: Big enough for a big and bold message, Small enough to stay in line with your décor
  • PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS: Ideal home or business use, elegant design that still conveys strong message