Hotelline Vacation Rental Management

Vacation Rental Software

Hotelline is a leading software development firm for hotel and hospitality industry. The vacation rental software developed by Hotelline offers great help in managing vacation rental properties. The software helps in automating and streamlining the property for vacation rental managers. It supports and combine property management system, online reservation system and hotel channel manager. It can be easily installed in a web based or cloud based system.

Features of Vacation Rental Software

  • Hotelline Vacation rental software incorporates module for property management system, agent management, company management, booking and reservation management, sales, commission and markup quality management with accounting in addition to centralized computer reservation system. And, Hotelline also offers sales force automation software that integrates with the rest of your hospitality central reservation system so that you can have one solution for your entire enterprise needs.
  • Web based reporting and analysis helps you analyze guest profiles to turn every hotel guest into a loyal customer.
  • Every module in the software is designed to sync together. Our vacation rental software is easy to integrate across the properties you have. It gives you the ability to show multiple property rates and availability and even create guest profiles across all of your properties. You can easily reduce duplicate guest entries and ensure that every preference is tracked and recorded in your system.
  • B2C system – where users can search, book and pay for the rooms they select.
  • B2B system – add, delete and edit agents and companies, Markup management, commission management, deposit details, booking status and many more.

Smart and Smooth for Guests and You

Hotelline Attract New Guest
Attracts new Guests

Vacation rental Management makes it easy for guests to find you to book instantly with up-to-date and consistent property information of all your listings. Easy to manage, easy to grow!

Hotelline Account
Account for Everything

It automates dozens of time-consuming tasks with just a click – from housekeeping and maintenance to billing and payment.

Hotelline Great Guest Experience
Great Guest Experience

When software works for you then you can work for better of your guests. A better guest experience ensures happy travelers who can always come back year after year.