Hotelline Sweet Shop Management Software

Sweet Shop POS management

Managing a sweet shop where you have a wide range of items with different price tag becomes a difficult task to handle it manually. Similarly, you are also required to keep a check on raw materials, which are mostly perishable in nature, and needed timely intervention to save it from going waste. In such business system you need to be organized, timely and efficient which is why Sweet Shop POS management is most suitable to solution to keep your business process strong and running.

There are some unique features come with Sweet Shop POS management solution:

Hotelline Automatic Pricing Hotelline

Automatic Pricing and Billing

Hotelline Sweet shop POS management system is a uniquely designed solution to meet all your billing needs. If you are looking for a POS which is optimized for all types of calculations required in a sweet shop, or you are finding it difficult to enter weight details of different items manually every time when you are calculating prices before generating bills, then these challenges which you are facing can be made easy with Hotelline Sweet Shop POS. It automates the whole process and eliminates any kind of hassle in calculations.

Hotelline sweet shop POS comes with built-in automatic pricing tool which eases the burden of price tracking and weight information of sold items. It can retrieve weight data for every item as soon as you feed them while billing. Then, it calculates the amount based on the quantity and weight of the product to generate the bill automatically. You are only required to enter the name of the item and the quantity, that’s it. The POS will do the rest of the job.

Hotelline Centralize Billing

Centralize Billing for Multiple Outlets

The sweet shop POS is well designed solution which integrates the unique weighing scale in the system which allows the billing staff to process automated price calculation according to the variable weight units. The automated calculation feature is exceptionally advance to handle large, bulk or multiple orders at different billing terminals. Hotelline POS also lets you sync multiple outlets to centralize the billing process for items sold at different outlets.

The sweet shop POS optimizes the functionalities like calculation as per weight or does the billing as per the current rates in the market or preset price rates. Other than price and weight analysis, POS also stores order and purchase history to help shop owners to change pricing pattern based on the items being sold.

Hotelline Advance Booking Order

Advance Booking Orders

Change the way you deliver

The POS integrates advance booking tool to cater the need of customers who prefer to order in advance. The advance booking tool updates staff about orders to ensure quick delivery. The POS also lets you see and track different stages of production, from order and booking, preparation, packaging, dispatch to delivery. Thus, it gives you complete control over the entire production process, and helps you to resolve any kind of issue arising in the process. Moreover, its built-in-automatic reminder feature sends timely alert about stipulated delivery time before the actual time of delivery, to help you avoid any kind of unwanted delay in dispatching orders.

Hotelline Customized Bill

Customized Detailed Bill

Be Transparent

Customers placing large and bulk orders are more likely to ask for detailed and itemized bills. That’s why Hotelline has integrated Itemized Bill feature so that you can customize the billing functions to ensure high level of transparency with your customers. Wouldn’t offering something extra to your customers give you competitive edge that you need to stay ahead in the market?

POS also offers professional level of accounting and tax calculation module. The system stores record of all items sold, rate of items and other sales data essential to tax calculation. There are many other features and benefits that help in great deal in managing your sweet shop operation, right from orders, production, dispatch, customer satisfaction and relation to taxes.

Hotelline Inventory Management

Inventory Management

  • Easily add your sweet items one by one or through quick excel upload.
  • Create your own categories and sub categories and have different view of your inventories.
  • Add your own data fields to your HDPOS smart. For example: sweet type, by region, main ingredients, manufacturers etc.
  • You can introduce – add, new category level in your line of products at any given time.
  • Get alerts when stock runs low.
  • Inventory can be viewed at any category level with rolled up total.
  • Get stock in detailed manner with stock drill down.
  • Get your total stock along with its value at any time.

Hotelline Stock

Stock Corrections

  • Makes stock audit easy to find discrepancies in actual stock and expected stock.
  • Simple way to correct the stock and document missing stock.
  • Every change in stock will automatically create a document in the system to make it easy to track and audit stock changes.
  • Manage dump stock (example: fruit and vegetables).
  • Supports excel files while doing stock audits.