Hotelline Restaurant POS Management Software

Restaurant POS Management

The cloud based restaurant POS is a highly compatible system designed by Hotelline, keeping on mind the unique requirements of Restaurants across the globe. It assists you in managing staff, serving customers efficiently and in monitoring overall business performance.

Hotelline Restaurant POS System

Best Restaurant POS System

With an incredible line of features Hotelline Restaurant POS system is best in the business, offering:

  • Reduction of hassles in taking orders at the Bar.
  • Easy pictorial interface for quick billing with or without touch screen.
  • Picture display when selecting items on the invoice screen.
  • Manual price control; selection of price for items with multiple prices.
  • Create multiple price lists; accept payment in different payment modes.
  • Easily handles Dine-in, Take Away and Home Delivery orders.
  • Take orders on phone and tracks home delivery orders.
  • Easy searches – Categorically, search filters.
  • Auto offers and scheme management on billing screen. Notify customers about applicable offers.
  • Change data view dynamically to search the items faster.
  • Define data with different data views/hierarchy wise data.

Order Management and Order Tracking System

  • The restaurant POS software as it was said, it is uniquely designed to suit unique restaurant requirements. The Hotelline restaurant POS presents with an intuitive dashboard which allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. It is subjected to in-house dining deliveries and pickup.
  • The restaurant POS offers flexibility in billing as it has ability to define your workflow for your order management.
  • The system allows you to track orders based on your workflow and moves it ahead based on the workflow you defined for running of your business.
  • You can attach delivery staff for every order and maintain a record of each delivery.
  • You can print your sales invoice and order slip like document on two printers at the same time.
  • When a customer places an order you can print bill for your customer and print another copy for your kitchen at the same time.

Hotelline Order Management
Hotelline Table Management

Finest Restaurant POS in the Business

Hotelline software gives you freedom to focus fully on your passion of catering, leaving management to the system. It is one of the best POS systems amongst other systems designed to handle hotels and restaurants. It can take care of table management, hall management, take away, delivery and kitchen order tokens (KOT), to mention very few of its powerful functions.

  • The restaurant POS system manages table effectively with pictorial interface. You can specify number of tables and number of people that can sit on each table.
  • Hotelline POS system helps you in managing and monitoring the status of the tables and also predicts the availability of table in rush hours.
  • You can easily manage multiple halls through POS system with its high end restaurants billing software which allows you to have different price list for different halls.
  • Just before the time of a specific reserved table, the table management system of the restaurant POS will display the table as reserved.
  • The restaurant POS allows you to manage the reservation and bookings of table way in advance. The customers can check its availability online and therefore book accordingly.

Hotelline Kitchen Order Taken

Complete Billing and Accounting Software – KOT

In a restaurant system Kitchen order token is essential to run the business efficiently. Hotelline Billing software provides rich features and flexible KOT system to run your operation efficiently. When you have to deliver goods to customers from different counter/locations depending upon the nature of the item and yet you want a single cash/billing counter or system then you can print KOT’s.

  • KOTs can be printed for the items grouped counter wise on the same or various printers on the network.
  • You can manage your KOT document number and creation date.
  • You can print KOTs for incomplete invoice.
  • You can view KOTs made in an invoice, estimates, advance booking documents. You can also view KOTs created in date range irrespective of invoices/estimates associate.
  • KOTs can also be sent through SMS to you and your customers at the time of creation.
The KOT systems help you in stopping malpractices sometime done in association with KOT by keeping print counter for each KOT with the assistance of Hotelline software.

Tax Management – Billing & Tax Management POS System

The Hotelline restaurant POS system assists you in billing and tax management. The flexible system defines tax in the simplest form. It can easily add tax while you define items or doing excel uploads. You can apply additional tax at invoice level.

  • The tax features are made easy to do. If you have to collect more than one tax the Hotelline software allows you to define custom tax structures on your items.
  • You can easily manage taxes like VAT, Service Tax and Service Charges without any hassles.
  • The taxes can be changed easily in accordance with the changes in tax applicability time to time.
  • You can also choose what tax applies per item on a running bill or while making purchase entry.

Hotelline POS Billing
Hotelline Billing & Inventory POS System

Billing and Inventory POS System

Hotelline restaurant POS system has made everything efficient and easy. You are always a click away from desired task. In case of Billing and Inventory the POS system can manage multiple terminals at once.

  • It allows you to quickly view bills made from specific terminal.
  • It gives faster access to view last few bills.
  • You can analyze your daily sales with ease by breaking items.
  • You can apply inventory ‘View’ to daily sales for better analysis.
  • You can view total sales between any date and time range.