Hotelline Partner Program

Our Hotelline Partner/Reseller Program

Hotelline offers the best-in-industry pre and post-sales support for its customers and resellers. Not only India, Hotelline got encouraging feedback from client's from all business regions across the globe. We are in process of expanding our customer base in Middle East, European and African countries. We believe in updating our existing system with the future market demands and deviced a ongoing process to incorporate feedback received from industry experts and professionals.

Hotelline invites individuals and business organizations from every nook & corner of the world to join its partner program. Be an online and offline reseller of the hotelline's software and related services portfolio. Just contact us at our email ID to know more about our reseller program. Kindly provide us basic information about your personal and professional background along with company information.

Benefits for Resellers

Best in class support and training to resellersGood profits, better industrial commissions and a wide array of special bonuses.Recurring bonuses on software maintenance and upgrades.Providence of convertible leads directly to our resellers.

Leads Generation and Forwarding

Hotelline does extensive marketing on the web and the internet and regularly gets scores of enquiries and downloads from hospitality businesses and users from across the globe. All these highly prospective leads are forwarded on time to our resellers.

Sales Support Program for Partner

Hotelline It And Sales Support

We understand that selling the PMS requires certain experience. If you think you have the right connects in the hospitality industry, but no direct experience in selling a PMS, we have the perfect program for you. See how it works:
  • Leverage your industry connects in the targeted segment
  • Identify opportunity to sell
  • Connect opportunity with the Alliance Manager
  • Sales representative engages with prospective customer till closure
  • Alliance manager allocates sales representatives based on geography
  • The sales benefits still get attributed to you - the partners
  • All communication happens keeping you in loop to maintain complete transparency
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