Hotelline Mobility


We at Hotelline bring technology interactive experience from Hospitality Industry day to day operations to the customer finger tips, we got product series that engages your customers to new technology experience. Here is the information about the all new interactive series of products that ensures a new technology experience for customers. Products can be easily utilized by all segments of hospitality industry be it a small retaurant, hotel property, resort, take away joint or a star property. We promise for dramatic change in guest experience and loyality for your business:

Property Management System (PMS)

Hotelline Property Managment System

We got PMS with key moduels to cater daily operation activities like Front Office Management, House Keeping Services, POS,SMS/E-Mail Alert, Accounts Management and Channel Management with ease using intutive interface but now comes the mobility power of the system. System gives an extra mobility feature to provide guest to interact with system for key requirements like wake - up call, issues reporting for solution, room service, or actions that guest performs during the stay. All this is possible using mobile app that exclusively cares for guest needs and ensures happy stay. This improves customer loyalty and in return ensures good feedback for you. Come n explore all new features of Hotelline's PMS.

Point of Sale (POS)

Interactive Point of Sale that enhances guest experience as any activity done using mobile app creates a bonding . Use of POS for key areas management like Bar, Restaurant, or Swimming Pool etc. also saves you money that invested in hiring resources to manage such areas.

Hotelline Point of Sale Mobile App

Digital Table Menu

Hotelline Digital table Menu

A mobile based application that introduces your customer with neo experience of odering food using a tablet or samrt phone. This application also allows guest to make payment using different modes like credit, debit card or online banking and also generate a customized bill.


A whole new experience is in store for your guests with customized kiosks solution we are offering. Bring operation cost under control and at the same time enjoy new idea of building brand loyalty among your cuatomers.

Hotelline Kiosk

Guest Service Management App

Hotelline Guest Managment

Guests volume and satisfaction are the two elements that forms the foundation of successful business in hospitality industry. We at Hotelline come up with a guest service app that acts as communication channel with your property from the moment check-in to check-out with provision to record feedback. One app with unlimited benefits like improved efficiency, personalized communication with guest without use of physical resource. Complete end-to-end automation of services with better control over the quality of service imparted.

Material Management System

System is designed with key essence of being innovative in usage with Mobile Interface to track and record end to end communication in the cycle.

Hotelline Material Managment System

Self Check-In

Hotelline Self Check In

We explored this feature at Hotelline to introduce guest with new age technology that allows to open allotted room using a personalized mobile app that acts as communication channel between hotel staff and guest.