Hotelline Revenue Management Software

Hotel Revenue Management Software

A business process is established to generate revenues to sustain the business and its growth. In hotel business, where too many activities take place every minute, you need to have a system in place to organize and depute work systematically and seamlessly to keep the business activities flow.

Hotelline is an affordable high performing demand based revenue management system for hotels. It provides a proven methodology to hotels to yield through advance algorithm which highlights demand trends, supports daily rate decisions, and revenue management strategy.

Hotelline has been around for 10 years in providing services to hotel industry with its innovative software and is a leader in innovation in hotel revenue management strategies and tactics. Based on our best practice and proven methodology to hotel yield, we have developed an easy to use, hassle free hotel revenue management software for hotel and hospitality industry.

Our software is being used by different accommodation types, from luxury inner-city boutique hotels to vacation resorts, new hospitality and lodging concepts, youth hotels, camping sites and holiday parks.

Hotelline Revenue Increase

KPI Dashboard

The RMS (Revenue Management Software) dashboard view gives all stakeholders a clear view of the current and future sales result. On the books performance is compared with the last year’s final results, same date and budget. Data is presented both in numbers and visually easy to read graphs, charts and index table.

KPI Dashboard features:
  • Daily Pick-up reports
  • Past, Present and Future performance Data
  • Yield Algorithm to Highlight Demand Trends
  • Integrated Competitor Rate Shop
  • Dynamic Event Demand Calendar
  • Other Functionality

Revenue Management System can increase top to bottom line of your hotel profit

Revenue management system saves a lot of time in daily operation of your hotel business. It is designed to excel in analysis, focuses on strategic yield opportunities and grow over all RevPar. Other stakeholder like managers, asset managers, hotel owner, or investors are all provided with crucial reporting to gain instant insight into the performance of the hotel portfolio.