Hotelline Guest House Management

Hotel and Guest House Management Software

Hotelline Guest House POS Software is designed to help you in managing your hotels and guest houses effectively and efficiently. It is integrated with all the finest features for hotel industry to execute different tasks related to Guest House Management System. The basic objective of Guest House POS system is to provide quick access to data for an informed decision making in no time. Primarily, Guest House Management System is devised to improve guest services for ‘Greater Satisfaction’ of the customers. The Guest House POS provides a single powerful integrated solution for Guest Houses with its prime focus on helping the management to generate maximum revenue with no cost. The POS system is cost-effective and simple. Hotelline Guest House Management Software is fully equipped to provide you with a complete software and hardware service solution to make automation painless for your property.

Key Features

Hotelline Guest House Management Software strength lies into its innovative and strong features, which includes:

Hotelline Key Features
  • Modular-Built up facility for Hospitality/Guest House Industry.
  • Catering feature helps in effectively managing all kinds of catering needs of any type of property including, Guest House, Chain of Guest Houses, Resort, Motels, Lodge and even Roadside Inn. It is cost-effective and a very competitive solution for Small/Mid-size guest houses as well as 4 star Guest Houses with its strong features.
  • Scalable from Single Guest House to an entire Chain of Guest Houses/Multi-Location.
  • Easy and fast implementation/ Easy to Operate.
  • Touch screen support for Restaurant.
  • Can be easily integrated with other interfaces.
  • 24 x 7 technical support to minimize downtime. Technical support is available via phone/online (remote access)/ e mails and data transfer through internet/ on-site visits.
  • Transaction: Guest House Management Software performs functions like Advance Booking, Customer Registration against the Booking, Customer Creation and etc. It can be easily customized for advance received from the customer, necessary payment (If any), food orders, automatic adjustments of room rents, and all other functions can be performed in no time.
  • Display Report : Guest House POS System is enriched with valued functions like – Occupancy Display, Vacancy Display, Check-Out Display, Day Open Report, Day End Report, Room wise report, Daily Collection Report, VAT Report, Sales Report (Room wise, Customer wise and Food wise), Sales Tax Register, Purchase Tax Register, Physical Stock Report, Stock Discrepancy Report and Purchase VAT Summary.
  • Prints Report : Hotelline Guest House POS System helps you in generating print reports. The reports can be related to any of the activities taking place within the jurisdiction of your property/business. It also generates special reports for security purposes with details of the guests which is also known as police report.

In Real World Situations

There are certain real world situations where Guest House Management Software comes handy:

  • There is no day end (night shift closing) process. So, the Guest House does not require hiring/engaging staff of higher level – managers, for night shifts
  • Bills of restaurant, bar, pool or of similar types can be automatically posted in guest’s account.
  • Guest House software features ‘Settle in Room’ which is a mode of payment where the cost of the food taken by the customers from the restaurant will be automatically transferred into the room.
  • Nominal accounts report of Sundry creditors and debtors etc.
  • A separate housekeeping management system can be integrated.
  • Separate Laundry Management system can be placed.
Hotelline Real World Situation

Generic Features of Guest House Management Software

Hotelline  Learn and Operate
  • Maximizes Employee efficiency.
  • Tamper proof and safe data security using levels of Password, Security check and Auditing.
  • Covers entire flow of information, range of reports and queries for making data and information available at the finger tips.
  • Exports any report to spreadsheet (excel) for further analysis, presentations, meetings and sharing with management.
  • Constantly enhancing the software by incorporating new ideas & technology by taking feedback from clients.

Salient Features of Guest House Management Software

  • Seamless integration of activities of Front Desk, Back Office and Financial Accounting.
  • Offers different types of mode of payment facilities like Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash/Settle in Room for the convenience of the customers.
  • Occupancy/Arrival/Departure Reports
  • Day End Report – It furnishes the total cash received in a report.
  • KOT/BOT Analysis – KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) / BOT (Bar Order Ticket) wise report which reflects the quantity and value of the sales.
  • Audit Trail facility for Guest House management/owner is to identify missing data or discrepancies in account.
Hotelline Silent Features