Hotelline Food Court Management

Food Court POS Software

Card Management

Manage Prepaid Food Court Cards
Manage Prepaid Food Court Cards – Managing a food court is a complex business. There are too many different items to track from a single window. Are you facing sales tracking and card integration problems on your food court? If yes, then Food Court POS Software from Hotelline is your ultimate solution. The Food Court POS is perfectly optimized to address the complexities and calculation worries at food court point of sale system. With our POS tracking and managing prepaid cards punched at multiple counters is made all easy. We ensure accurate processing of data of orders on our POS from multiple counters, updating Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) with respective kitchens, tracking delivery of food from each and every counter, and other transaction taking place on the food court.

Furthermore, Food Court POS software also supports faster card validity configuration, card transfer, card recharging, and aids for an uninterrupted service to the card holders, ensuring full satisfaction to the customers.

Detailed Transaction Reporting

In-depth Sales Report
Sales report is an essential part of a business. The reports are used to analyze the growth/decline of the business, and further plans to increase sales. Our Food Court POS Software generates extensive reports for all type of food court cards. Food Court owners and managers can use the data for analysis and make decisions. The in-depth reports come handy to the managers to know exact performance of food counters, track order history to know popular food items, and therefore develop strategies like discount, offers and freebies to increase sales. The report includes customer details which can be used to improve customer relations and loyalty schemes.