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Online Table Reservation

Spoil Customer with Freedom and Choices
Customers wants convenience and comfort and you must offer them the services of their choice. How about ‘Book your Table online’? This may sound difficult but it is possible with the new Fine Dine Restaurant Software. It will give your customers the advantage to book tables online, on their convenience, so that they do not need to rush every time they plan to dine at your restaurant. Hotelline Restaurant POS offers flexibility to your customers when they choose to dine at your property. They can book the table of their choice, particular number of table and location, as per availability. This online ordering tool helps you to prevent your customers going to your competitors during the busy hours. Choose Fine Dine Restaurant Software with online reservation feature to give your customers more freedom and convenience in their choice of time and location of the table as per their suitability without any hassles.

Split Bills

Saves Time, Boosts Efficiency
You need to know your customers if you want to grow your reputation. Sometime customers come in groups and often they want to split their share of the bill to avoid burning big hole in one single wallet. In such cases, they request for individual shares of the total amount on the bill. Hotelline Restaurant POS system comes extremely handy in such situation – by adding such facility to help restaurateurs split bills on-demand. Such convenience to the customer increases reputation and therefore loyalty. Moreover, the split bill feature also keeps a complete record for easy tracking and analysis. This is a ground breaking feature for restaurant owners who can save time through automated splitting of bill system.

Hotelline Split Bill
Hotelline  Table Transfer

Table Transfer Service

Easy and Helpful
It often happens that customers take up a table and after a while they show their interest in shifting to different table. It does create a little inconvenience to restaurateurs who have pre-reserved tables through their online reservation and booking system. However, Hotelline Restaurant POS system gives you power to check the timing of guest arrival and shift accordingly. This definitely win you customer loyalty and future revenue.