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Improve Order Accuracy, Manage Inventory and More With These Programs
Improve Order Accuracy, Manage Inventory and More – Every business has its own unique requirements, and Coffee shops are no different. Coffee shop employees are usually flooded with orders during the morning rush, and any mistake in order or delay can infuriate or turn off customers. And as it turn out to be Coffee shops are unique and complicated in its offer; different flavors of coffee to its customers like Double cupped, No whip, whipped cream, Caramel, Mocha, Scoops vanilla bean powder, extra ice and so on that mistakes are bound to happen.

Hotelline Coffee Shop POS Software is uniquely designed system, keeping the unique and complicated needs of Coffee Shops, which helps you in getting the orders correctly and run your facility smoothly and seamlessly. The Coffee Shop POS isn’t all about taking the orders correctly but also keeping track of other activities related to the operation – managing labour, inventory, customer loyalty program and other necessary tasks to run your business. However, this is not a comprehensive list of POS feature, so you can always check other features suitable to your Coffee shop needs.

Print KOT & Bills

Save Time, Boost Efficiency!
Saves Time, Boosts Efficiency – For ease of managing your coffee shop won’t you like a Coffee Shop POS which is Café Management Software as well as fulfills the Billing Software needs? How about a POS system which automates your coffee shop needs of in-depth analysis, and is easy to access from your mobile phone, tablets or any other device with strong internet connection? Isn’t it something you are looking at? Hotelline Coffee Shop POS Software features all your needs and requirements to boost your sales and margins thereof.

Our Coffee Shop POS integrates one-click billing system helps in printing KOTs and bills instantly. On ordering, the kitchen order ticket comes out on Kitchen Display System and the copy of the bills for customers is generated simultaneously. Thus, our POS eliminates the risk of missed orders due to printer issues, and reduces the gap between order placement and processing. If you are running a coffee chain, then you can access, view and manage orders, sales and inventory from remote locations using your mobile app.

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Make the Most of Your Menu

Categorize Your Menu As Per The Most And The Least Popular Items
Categorize you Menu as per Most and Least Popular Items – There must be some items that doesn’t sale well on your Menu, while some maybe instant hit from the word go. In such case, you can offer irresistible discounts on less performing items of your Menu and modify the recipe to make them taste better. Or, you can simply remove the item from your menu. Similarly, you may highlight the most popular items on top or put them in attractive ways to get attention and earn more from such items. The Coffee Shop POS enables you to keep track of the popular and less popular items with detailed report, helping you to make amends, either on Menu or recipe.

Hotelline Café POS is strongly designed to generate in-depth itemized reports and other important and useful details such as hourly reports (to know when the items are selling high or low), location (where an item is popular and where not), discounts (quantity of sale of an item with and without discounts), and total sales report which minutely put forth all the details on items sold. With the data report generated by Café POS helps you to redesign and refurbish your menu to increase your revenue.

Payments Made Easier For You & Customers

Payments Made Easier for You and Customers
Let Customers choose the Mode of Payment – Customer is the King. Hence, let your customers to choose the comfortable mode of payment. It is an effective technique to give your customers the freedom of choice, which in return boosts your reputation and therefore revenue. The more options you offer your customers, the more convenient and comfortable they will feel at your café. With Hotelline Coffee Shop POS, you can integrate multiple modes of payment to boost your sales. The automated system allows you to integrate multiple modes of payments like credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, internet banking, cash or any other – on demand. All you require to do is to ask for features which you feel necessary for your Café business and Coffee Shop POS Software from Hotelline will help you with your needs.

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