Hotelline Club POS

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Club

Hotelline is conceived out of global hospitality scene, meaning our POS system features are designed with your night club in mind. From reporting to accounting, stock management, rosters and payments, Hotelline POS systems has all your needs covered. Your club needs efficient and faster POS system than any other industry segment, which is where Hotelline delivers.

Hotelline Club Management POS

Speed up your lines

With quick navigation through customized menu designs, smooth and speedy payments, effective and efficient functions, your new nightclub POS system will quickly decide each drink payment in blink of an eye, keeping your work seamlessly flowing and your business growing.

Hotelline Easier Payment

Easier Payment

Hotelline POS system can be easily integrated with your bank for a simpler payment solution. This integration with your bank eliminates the need of double entries, and reduces cash handling. The keying errors are a thing of past. Make your end-of-shift reconciling easier with Hotelline Club POS system.

Hotelline Easier Payment
Hotelline  Inventory Stock Management-pos

Inventory and Stock Management

Hotelline club POS System comes with designed features to your unique requirements. POS ordering system makes it easier and possible to track items you sell, from your suppliers through to your customers. Every inventory is duly stored to keep you on top of your margins and keeps you stress free.

Variance reports, Stock ordering sheets can be executed in seconds, meaning less time require on accountings and more time to you.