Hotelline Camp Ground

Cloud Based Software for Campgrounds

Hotelline is not all about hotels; it is a unique property management system catering a whole range of properties. It is devised with flexible standard features, customizable components designed specifically for campgrounds. The cloud-based software entirely works on cloud computing technology and can be easily integrated on your current system to work seamlessly with no need for personal server or any additional hardware. The cloud-based software for campground from Hotelline fully features campground PMS including online booking engine and access from anywhere – at a price which is budget friendly.

Customizable Campsite Setup :-
Hotelline software features unique components which allow you to enter a variety of unit types under similar inventory – RV sites, tent sites and Cabin – designated with power, water and sewer, with a supportive and powerful search function.

Customized Booking Engine :-
The customized booking system of Hotelline Cloud based software for Campground allow users to limit the availability searches by campsite utilities (power, water, sewer), unit types (campsite, cabin, etc), or location. The online booking system is mobile optimized.

Integrated Online Reservation :-
Hotelline cloud based software for campgrounds is mobile-optimized booking engine which is fully integrated with the PMS; it does not require any separate inventory for Web reservation, or to manually consolidate online reservation with telephone booking or walk-ins. The automated system resolves all; when an online booking is done, inventory is simultaneously updated in the PMS.

Unmatched Rate Flexibility :-
The cloud based software from Hotelline gives you freedom and allows as many rates as desired, from usual seasonal rates to long term leases to group rates. The system helps you to change and update as many rates as you want and also daily override for maximum flexibility.

Location Module :-
The location module feature from Hotelline is a popular feature among other features of cloud based software for campground. The location module helps you to group sites together by location (for example, RV or tenting areas), or for campgrounds which offer mix lodgings, such as cabins and campsites. Through location module feature of Hotelline campground PMS, you can track revenue and taxes by location, organize availability and rate calendar by location, and also offers independent booking engines and customized receipts for every location.