Hotelline Booking Engine

Best Hotel Booking Engine Software System

Hotelline Booking Engine software module eases your guest’s reservation experience with a fast booking process that requires minimum PC clicks and can also be accomplished comfortably through Tablets and Smartphones. The versatile online hotel booking engine helps you to generate higher revenues and exponential profits by giving your guests access to promo codes, special offers and online ability to accomplish booking for group tours. Hotelline hotel booking software is packed with the most modern and powerful features, easy-to-use user interface and best-in-class flexibility

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A few important Features of hotel booking software

  • 1
    Advanced hotel reservation system with a two click booking process
  • 2
    Personalization options for improving brand loyalty
  • 3
    Display of rates clearly with savings
  • 4
    Multitude of payment gateways
  • 5
    Bookings for multiple rooms
  • 6
    Notifications and alerts
  • 7
    Creation of special promotions, packages and special offers
  • 8
    Advanced Hotel reservation system
  • Hotelline Wordpress Joomla

    Joomla and WordPress Plugins for Greater Revenue

    We offer you ready Joomla and WordPress plugins so that it gets easy for you to adapt to the booking engines and helps you to accept direct bookings

  • Hotelline Goal

    Integration with Ad words, Analytics and Goals

    The booking engine can be easily integrated with your Hotel’s Google Analytics account. It hence helps you to monitor visitor rates and enables you to do an online comparison of them for achieving a thorough review of visitor statistics. You can set up your own goals and track their progress with time. The engine is also compatible with the Google Ad words online account so that you can know clearly which bookings are coming through the Google advertising campaigns

  • Hotelline Hotel Booking System

    Real-Time Stats and Reports by Hotel Booking System

    The Main dashboard of the hotel booking software provides you real-time operation data including a comprehensive reservation summary and data on occupancy levels, information on current bookings and monthly and weekly revenue breakdowns. It also provides easy to comprehend graphs and charts for precise information display and review. The engine takes into account bookings through different OTAs and provides you a top-performer list of the previous month

Comprehensive and Easy To Comprehend Reports by Hotel booking Engine

Improve and improvise your front and back-end operations through the in-time reports generated by the futuristic hotel booking engine. The system offers you a range of operational and review report including arrival list, cancellation, revenue and statistics reports. Know the reservation statistics through facebook, mobile and desktop as well. Our system provides a comprehensive picture of the hotel operations and helps you to make better decisions and to tweak the operational efficiency of improved performance. Get a free trial now for 30 days and experience the utility and benefits of the most modern Hotel booking engine system on offer today

Hotelline Features

Other Features

  • 1
    Complete integration with channel manager and POS Software
  • 2
    A modern and precisely designated account manager
  • 3
    Utilization of the whole inventory more efficiently
  • 4
    Experience the best operational efficiency and futuristically improve your operational channels by subscribing to a free 30 days hotelline Hotel channel manager trial period now