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Bed & Breakfast Reservation Software

It is time to wake up to Hotelline Bed and Breakfast reservation software to ease up and organise online reservation bookings for Bed and Breakfast facilities. Our Bed and Breakfast reservation solution is a free-to-use software which can be easily incorporated to your website. It is a strong solution to Bed & Breakfast reservation needs, offering customers freedom of choice in booking and reservation.

The reservation and booking tool offers a straightforward technical design with an easy to configure features for Bed & Breakfast facility. The whole configuration of Bed & Breakfast reservation software is made easy to suit different requirements, according to different room types available in your Bed and Breakfast property. It offer customers ease in selection of date and type of room in booking with real time confirmation of their selection. The B&B reservation software is easy to integrate with your website without changing the existing template and content of your website.

Hotelline Easy to use

Unmatched Customization for Great User Experience

Customer chooses small hotels or Bed & Breakfast facilities to enjoy exclusive and friendly experience. So, isn’t this a good idea to offer your customers tailored services from the start? By installing Hotelline software on your website, you will allow your customers to access entire range of accommodation and services without any cost. Customers can select their choice of accommodation from available B&B bookable items of your property. You do not have to worry about double bookings as it cannot exceed to the listed availability of rooms. Get yourself Bed & Breakfast Reservation software to increase the bookings and manage your B&B business in an organised manner.

Intuitive to Learn and Operate

Assume you are running a B&B facility with fewer or no staff. You can still manage bookings alone with the assistance of Bed & Breakfast reservation software. It enables you to get online and get going! Even if you have staff to manage bookings and reception of guests, it is highly likely that you need the reservation system to be intuitive so that staff/employee with limited technical skill can still able to handle the system. It is a well known fact that staffs working for hotels, bed and breakfast or at similar facilities shuttle around a lot, which means as an owner of such a facility you will choose a booking software which is user friendly, easy to navigate and with clarity in instruction to get people going with word go!

Hotelline Great User Experience
Hotelline  Learn and Operate

Intuitive to Learn and Operate

Suppose you run a bed and breakfast, a motel or a hostel with limited or no staff. Of course, you may manage the bookings yourself; therefore all you need is a Bed & Breakfast reservation software enabling you to do just that. Get online and get going! In case you have staff to manage bookings and reception of guests, it’s safe to assume that you need your online room reservation system to be as intuitive as possible to be used even by people with limited tech skills. It is generally acknowledged that staff employed in hostels, bed and breakfasts or similar locations tend to rotate a lot which means that, as an owner, you must definitely choose a booking software which is easy to navigate, offers clear instructions and gets people going from the very start. Which is what Sagenda is all about!

How can I manage my B&B using Hotelline?

Hotelline is designed with an understanding of challenges faced, when managing smaller properties. You will love the way we centralize your work, and let you handle everything from one place. There is no need for training.