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Atulyam Hotelline Solutions is a leading company that turned technology implementation dreams to reality for all kind of features that made day to day hotel operation management a simple affair for all who are part of hospitality industry. We worked hard round the clock to make defined hospitality business processes more efficient and growth-oriented. Our dedicated team of professionals covers all aspects of the business that include but not limited to technical support, customized product development and consulting. We are the trendsetters in the industry and have the best expertise and high quality product and service range for you.

Matched Industry Defined Parameters of Quality & Judgement Without Compromise

Our manufacturing and product/service feature range exceed the international standards relating to technology and practice and our solutions are designed on the basis of expert opinions/reviews and excel in the most complex situations providing best-in-class functional/operational integration and connectivity at a stupendous pace. Hotelline identifies and incorporates latest technology trends in its software design so that it can lead the segment. We also devote a substantial percentage of profits towards research and development so that our innovations help you to excel and set the trends in Hospitality business.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A brand loved at global stage for its proven dedication for quality, technology innovation, and affordability.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Atulyam Hotelline is living with the core mission of being a leading hospitality brand for its desire to churn out product & services blended with innovation and dedication to achieve highest level of satisfaction for clients served.

Hotelline IT Solution

Futuristic And Versatile Range Of IT Solutions And Services For The Hospitality Businesses

Our products help you to enhance the quality and pace of key functional operations, use of next generation products gives extra energy to be more efficient, customer-friendly and ensures measurable rise in the overall business performance. Your revenues and profits will start to show signs of jump. Customer satisfaction and happiness definitely have upward growth chart . Our next generation process simplifying and easy to use solutions include:

  • Hotelline Property Management System (PMS)
  • Hotelline Point of Sale (POS)
  • Hotelline Reservation and Online Booking System
  • Hotelline Central Reservation System (CRS)
  • Hotelline Feedback- Guest Feedback System
  • Hotelline Channel Management System